Instagram vs. Guerrilla Marketing

Instagram is a largely popular photo sharing, manipulation, and editing tool that has been intertwined into the world of social media (Lux, 2011). But why is Instagram important to advertising, and better yet, guerrilla marketing? Since its establishment in 2010, Instagram has been a smashing hit with its user base, boasting “5 million downloads in 6 days”, and has since been bought out by Facebook, a leader in the social media and networking community (Kessler, 2012). The concept of guerrilla marketing plays favorably into the business model behind social media on Instagram; a platform that has been created with the intention of the user sharing what they find interesting, exciting, or thought provoking with their friends, family, and followers. Diving further into Instagram, the user-friendly platform allows its consumer base to easily ‘follow’ another individual or company page, as well as ‘like’ this individual’s post or picture. When an individual follows a page, they are immediately allowing that user the ability to penetrate their ‘newsfeed’ on Instagram (Lux, 2011). In short, this means that if you follow a page or an account on Instagram, you will continue to see their posts in your main feed, and it will increase the likelihood of it being broadcasted publically.

But how does this relate to guerrilla marketing? The answer is similar to how Pinterest and guerrilla marketing work hand-in-hand. The Instagram model of sharing something a user finds interesting plays into the guerrilla advertising way; sparking imagination, taking the consumer by surprise, and making an impression (Creative Guerrilla Marketing, 2014). From here, the guerrilla marketing campaign has the potential to work through the use of Instagram to achieve a larger penetration and spread of their message. All of these aforementioned reasons have the possibility of providing an individual user with a need or feeling to express and share what they have seen on the social media platform of Instagram. From here, they are given the option of sharing what they have visualized and experienced, and in addition, providing a brief write-up to express their beliefs. After the post has been made, it is up to the strength of the guerrilla advertisement to be successfully perceived, and if it has been, the platform of Instagram enables the campaign to yield a high rate of interest and sharing. From here, the power of a viral marketing campaign falls into place, spreading from consumer to consumer, and with each individual follow of an account or like, the ad reaches a new audience as it spreads to a new user’s newsfeed (Dictionary, n.d.).

Below is an example of how Instagram can be used to successful spread the message of a guerrilla marketing campaign:



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