Weird of the Week

Browsing the web can often be considered as a waste of time or a form of curing boredom. However, when exploring the world of advertising, it is important to build an open perspective and take in varying content from different sources. Scouring the web for examples of ads, promotional content, and marketing communications is a challenge. One can spend all day browsing YouTube for trending content, listening to the radio, and mindlessly staring at a television. In this process, it is difficult to separate the average player from the standout, let alone identify the many different campaigns that the mind is exposed to on a daily rotation. In this process, two websites come to mind as a distinguished source for successful campaigns that have added oomph – see: clever and creative marketing mixed with elements of humor, emotion, excitement and other captivating components.

The first is AdAge. AdAge is an online source for filtered advertising and marketing industry news; featuring the most relevant, interesting, and entertaining content at any given point of time. The website interestingly conveys a message of successful and organized campaigns and rightfully claims to be the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities. While there is a number of creative articles and creations featured on the site, Advertising Age focuses more strictly on news. To check it out and gain a better understanding of what is going on in the advertising and marketing industry around you, visit Advertising Age – Advertising & Marketing Industry News

The second interactive website is AdWeek. A personal favorite, the website features breaking advancements in advertising, media, and technology. Furthermore, Adweek is a magazine and website that covers relevant media news of all nature. Again, to gain a better understanding of the website, visit Adweek and take discovery into your own hands. The site editors have crafted a niche in the presentation of interesting, exciting, and unique advertisements. For example, while browsing for odd campaigns, the following title may pique a reader’s interest. “Ad of the Day: If Men Breastfed, It Would Be a Testosterone-Driven Pissing Contest. Ad for breast pumps shows a frightening gender reversal”. Likely probing a double take; the article, written by Angela Nativad, highlights an unusual and extraordinary take on the technological advances in the breastfeeding industry.

And without further ado, the Lactation Lounge is yours to discover and wins the title of Weird of the Week.



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