Harvest Dinner

The Harvest Dinner promotions featured a 4-week social media campaign designed to increase awareness, drive sales, and bring attention to the concept of homefulness. With scheduled social media postings that highlight the many local and organically grown delicacies featured at the Harvest Dinner, these spotlights promote interest in attending the event as well as education on the concept of supporting locally.

This exercise combined creativity with the world of exploring creative commons licensing and the utilization of stock photography for promotion. This was a challenge as I had limited resources available and wanted to reflect one of the provided meals as well as the concept of locally sourced ingredients in a visual manner.

The following four links will showcase the featured banner I designed for each scheduled social media post:

The Chamber Harvest, 4-Course Spotlight:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Each social media posting was accompanied by a small body of text both educating on the principles of homefulness, as well as highlighting one of the four delicious courses offered at the Harvest Dinner.